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How to Join

  • Are you between 9 and 12 years old?

  • Do you like Making Friends

  • Care to go sailing, boating, and swimming?

  • Would you like to play a musical instrument, go wall climbing, and learn cool stuff about ships and submarines?

  • Interested in camps, outings and trips?

  • Think you would like to develop the skills to become a leader?

Yes?  Then Navy League Cadets is For you!

Here is what you need to do: Click Here for checklist

1.  Download the Application for Membership form

2.  Download the Cadet medical Questionnaire

3.  Download the Cadet Communication and photo consent form.

4.  Download the Uniform Sizing form.

5.  Bring the completed forms to the Corp to sign up or email in advance to 

6.  Remember to bring:

  • Proof of age

  • Proof of Provincial Medical Insurance

  • Be prepared to provide the corps with Contact information of the Parent/Guardian

  • Emergency Contact information such as your doctors name and number, and alternate relatives to contact in case of emergency.

Our Privacy Policy is:

If your child is 12 or soon to turn 12 we recommend you get in contact with our sister division RCSCC Lion.  Lion is the local Sea Cadet Corp that parades out of our location on Wednesday Nights. 

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