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Communication & Chain of Command

Official Communication Channels

PLEASE NOTE: The only official method of communication with the corps is through the proper chain of command. That is to say, getting information directly from an officer on the corps.

In order to obtain correct information about parades, dress of the day, events and activities, please consult the following:

  • Routine Orders

  • Handouts

  • Website

  • Phone Ship’s Office

  • Talk in person with a corps officer

*** Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and others, as well as word of mouth, have been shown to provide unreliable and/or incorrect information. Use at your own risk.

Chain of Command

Please help us enforce the “Divisional System” of communication at NLCC Cougar. When cadets have questions, they should be addressing them via the appropriate chain of command. That usually means they go to their Divisional Petty Officer first, who will escalate to the Divisional Officer (if needed), who will in turn escalate to the appropriate officer as needed. The LAST person cadets should be approaching with day-to-day questions, is the Commanding Officer.

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