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Navy League Officer Ranks

Midshipman (MID)

Acting Sub-Lieutenant (A/Slt)

Sub-Lieutenant (SLt)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Lieutenant-Commander (LCdr)

Commander (Cdr)

Officer Positions

Commanding Officer (CO)

Executive Officer (XO)

Administration Officer (AdmO)

Operations Officer (OpsO)

Training Officer (TrgO)

Supply Officer Officer (SupO)

Officer on Duty (OOD)

Acting Officer on Duty (AOOD)


Navy League Cadets Ranks

Chief Petty Officer First Class (CP01) 

Chief Petty Officer Second Class (CP02) 

Petty Officer First Class (P01) 

Petty Officer Second Class (P02

Leading Cadet (LC)

Able Cadet (AC)

Ordinary Cadet (OC)


Cadet Positions

Coxswain (COXN)

Regulating Petty Officer (RPO)


Petty Officer on Duty (POOD)

Boatswain Bos'n

Link to Cadet Elemental Ranks of all 4 Branches

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