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Upcoming important dates:

April 27 Sports Night no Uniform(tagging forms due)

May 4-6 Tagging

May 7 Battle of the Atlantic Parade details TBA @HMCS STAR/HAIDA

May 11 Inspection/Promotions Full uniform with ball cap

May 18 No uniforms tshirt and ball cap (presentations from Senior cadet groups)

Mandatory Covid-19 Screening - this screening must be completed by each cadet EVERY night BEFORE they attend cadets.  Click HERE to complete the screening.

  • Information packages for those interested in joining are under the "Join" tab.

  • Please park in the lot at the corner of Barton & Caroline if possible. (It is in our contract for the building that it is free during the hours we use the building. If you are ticketed please speak to an Officer.

Welcome to NLCC #17 Cougar

NLCC #17 Cougar is part of one of the oldest youth organizations in Canada. We celebrated our 69th Annual Inspection in 2021. We are open to boys and girls, ages 9 to 12. The objectives of Navy League Cadet program are to acquire new skills and develop character and self confidence.  We hope to help them learn self-discipline and self-respect; develop good physical and mental fitness; develop teamwork; encourage them to help others; encourage them to learn about the sea and ships; develop a sense of commitment, loyalty and respect for their Officers and other Cadets; and instill a sense of initiative and self-reliance.  We do this by creating a healthy safe environment where Navy League Cadets can have fun in a naval environment suited for young people.

See the "join" tab for more information about joining NLCC Cougar

If your child is 12 to 18 perhaps you are looking for

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General Training Nights

Thursdays  6:25pm to 8:30pm September Until the End of June

Come out at any time in the year, even just to try it for a night or two.

(Summer participation will resume in 2022 on a casual basis on the same evening.)

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